6 Micro-Influencer Marketing Secrets Revealed


Influencers can be a very powerful marketing tool – when utilized correctly. As a relatively new field, it’s very common for brands to run into certain pitfalls when navigating their influencer relationships.

Zakary Stahlsmith, CEO at ApexDrop, works extensively with brands on their influencer marketing efforts, and has uncovered six secrets that are guaranteed to make influencer campaigns better and marketing a bit easier. Lucky for you, he’s willing to share them!

Check out this webinar to learn more about:

  • What metrics you should be looking at to see success
  • Which micro-influencer content performs best
  • Mutually beneficial ways to manage influencer relationships

Hope you enjoy! 


Zakary Stahlsmith
CEO @ ApexDrop


Max Hjelm
Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships @ Curalate