How TechStyle is Incorporating UGC Into Social Ads

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On a previous webinar, Liz White, the Chief Customer Officer of FullBeauty Brands, mentioned that their first dive into UGC delivered a significant lift in purchases from lapsed customers.

That led us to the question: How are other brands using UGC from a customer acquisition strategy?

We were lucky enough to have Aubrie Richey, the Senior Director of Paid Social at TechStyle, shed some on this question during a Q&A style webinar with our Director of Marketing, Leo Strupczewski.

This hour-long Q&A is available on-demand, and covers:

  • TechStyle’s UGC and advertising strategies
  • How UGC and ad strategies fit together
  • The benefits of using UGC in social ads

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Aubrie Richey
Senior Director of Paid Social @ TechStyle Fashion Group

Leo Strupczewski
Director of Marketing @ Curalate