How to Build a More Accessible Brand


About a year ago, Liz White and her team at Fullbeauty Brands started to reorient their marketing strategy around the brand’s “true customer.”

When they dug in, though, White, the Chief Customer Officer at Fullbeauty Brands, realized something: the women used in her brand’s marketing looked nothing like Fullbeauty Brands’ customer. So, they started rebuilding their marketing from scratch. Their goal? Make the brand more accessible and inclusive.

The challenge facing Fullbeauty Brands wasn’t unique: 40% of women say they don’t identify at all with the women they see in advertising, according to the Association of National Advertisers. Yet, according to Gartner research, brand-associated metrics are mentioned as the most important KPIs twice as often as performance-oriented metrics like ROI and customer value when CMOs are asked what they rely on most.

Talk about a disconnect.

In this live Q&A, Liz White, Chief Customer Office of Fullbeauty Brands, and Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, will cover how we got here, the importance of building an inclusive brand, and how brands are taking steps to realign around equality and inclusion.

Check out this webinar recording to learn more about:

  • Why Fullbeauty Brands has reoriented its advertising strategy to reflect its “true customer”
  • How the brand has made that shift and what it’s doing to measure the results
  • Where user-generated content fits in Fullbeauty Brands’ revised advertising strategy

No slides. No sales pitch. Just really useful conversation on how to build a more accessible brand.


Liz White
Chief Customer Officer @ Fullbeauty Brands

Apu Gupta
CEO @ Curalate